Welcome to the Essential Standards Social Studies Process Support Page!

January 19, 2011: DPI will host two-days of support for Social Studies at the Northwest RESA.
January 20, 2011: Follow Up Support and Process

Day 1: DPI's Social Studies Consultants will provide content support for Social Studies teachers and district leaders.
Day 2: DPI's Regional Professional Development Consultants will partner with Northwest RESA to provide
support with resource navigation and professional development roll out.

We will use this page to house a variety of resources to assist you with your roll out and implementation plan for the Essential Standards for Social Studies.

November 29, 2011

**Bringing Literacy Strategies into Content Instruction**

November 28, 2011

K-12 SS Sequencing Revised
Social Studies Essential Standards Frequently Asked Questions Document

November 18, 2011

Lesson Plan to address Common Core State Standards for Social Studies/History

Wake County Public Schools

October 31, 2011

Social Studies Unit Planning Training

This two-day training session will assist social studies educators in developing their local
curriculum around rigorous, meaningful and engaging units of instruction to support the new K-12
Social Studies Essential Standards. During the workshop, participants will collaborate to design a
sample unit that can be used to train other social studies educators in their district or school.
Ultimately, this training session will help social studies educators make more informed decisions
about what students should understand, know, and be able to do according to the
NC Social Studies Essential Standards.

October 24, 2011

United States History II Requirement

The requirement of two American History courses for graduation begins with the freshmen who enter high school for the first time beginning in the 2012-13 school year. Districts can, as a local decision, require other students to take both American History courses. So, students who are juniors in 2012-13 can take the stand-alone comprehensive US History course from the 2006 Social Studies Standard Course of Study.

September 13, 2011

Northwest RESA Curriculum and Instruction Council Skype with Social Studies

Curriculum and Instruction Council hosted via Skype Social Studies consultants as they provided updates for Curriculum Leaders in the Northwest. DPI provided an overview of their current work with the Common Core and Essential Standards.

Social Studies Updates