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September 1213, 2011: DPI will host two-days of support for Math at the Northwest RESA.
May 3-4, 2011: Follow Up Support and Process

Day 1: DPI's Math Consultants will provide content support for math teachers and district leaders.
Day 2: DPI's Regional Professional Development Consultants will partner with Northwest RESA to provide
support with resource navigation and professional development roll out.

January 12, 2012 -- Resource for High School Math Teachers -- 5 Units Designed around Modeling

This resource was shared by Dee Hanlin. Most of the standards fall in the Math I curriculum.

Presidential Awards for Excellence -- Call for Nominations


January 10, 2012 -- NCCTM Announces Spring Leadership Seminar

MARCH 23, 2012
9:30 AM to 3:15 PM
Registration Fee: $60 (Includes Lunch)
(Registration Deadline March 16, 2012)

She will focus on content in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) as well as assessment as it relates to the CCSSM. Those who attend will have a clearer understanding of how the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics will affect their teaching, their assessments, and their students.

Online Registration Is Open
To Register go to: NCCTM.org, click on March 23 Spring Leadership Seminar under the calendar on the left side of the screen, then follow the directions.
Hotel Room Rate: $99 plus taxes
Room Cutoff date: February 23, 2012
Be sure to tell them you are attending
the NCCTM Spring Leadership Seminar

If you need additional information, please contact us at info@NCCTM.org

January 6, 2012

Math Webinar on January 10

January 10 Math Webinar: Getting Started!

We know districts around the state are at very different places as they enter the world of Common Core mathematics. We have received a lot of feedback saying people just don’t know how to get started.

In this webinar we will provide ideas on first steps, pacing, and organization of materials. If you are just starting the planning process, this webinar is for you.


The webinar begins at 3:30 and ends at 4:30.

January 6, 2012

NCCTM Announces Math Conference on February 18, 2012

January 6, 2012

DPI Makes Updates to Unpacking Documents for 1st and 2nd Grades


December 28, 2011

Bill McCallum shares Progression for Statistics and Probability Grades 6-8


December 22, 2011

Bill McCallum shares two new Resources to Support Professional Development for Common Core Implementation


December 16, 2011

Bill McCallum and Ellen Whitesides post PPT Presentation on the Standards for Mathematical Practice


December 16, 2011

MARCH 23, 2012
9:30 AM to 3:15 PM
Registration Fee: $60 (Includes Lunch)



Hotel Room Rate: $99 plus taxes
Room Cutoff date: February 23, 2012
Be sure to tell them you are attending the NCCTM Spring Leadership Seminar

Online Registration Will Open Soon

December 15, 2011

P21 Common Core Tool Kit

A Guide to Aligning the Common Core State Standards with the Framework for 21st Century Skills

Visit the Site:

December 13, 2011

**Bill McCallum's Latest Blog Post**
To learn more about what makes a good mathematical task, read __this article by Kristin Umland__.

See mathematical tasks that have been deemed quality tasks:

December 13, 2011

DPI Shares Common Core Math Sequencing Draft

December 8, 2011

Edutopia Shares Resources for Understanding the Common Core

This is a good one-stop shop for resources to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards.


December 7, 2011: DPI Math Consultants Add More Content to Math Wiki


November 30, 2011

Mike Fisher's Common Core for the Holidays Live Binders

Mike Fisher is a K-12 Consultant for ASCD. This live binder is a FANTASTIC resource full of information, links, and information about both the ELA and Math Common Core State Standards.

Click on the gift below to get started!

Once on the site, don't forget to click on each of the numbers 1-12 to see all new binders full of goodies!


November 29, 2011

Six Shifts in Math

November 21, 2011

CCSS Interactive Math Sequencing Map Now Available

Ellen Whitesides has posted another tool for math teachers on the Bill McCallum blog for math teachers. Click on any area to follow the math strand from K-12.

Click here to access the Interactive Math Sequencing Map

November 17, 2011

DPI Webinar on Common Core State Standards Math Sequencing PowerPoint

The webinar recording will be posted on the DPI Mathematics wiki soon. Check the link below.


November 8, 2011

The Teaching Channel Video on New York's Pilot Program to Implement Common Core this Year


October 31, 2011

Test Specifications for Common Core State Standards Math Assessments

October 24, 2011

A humorous look at why we need Common Core State Standards

October 18, 2011

Please note the updates to the NC Common Core High School Math One Standards

October 17, 2011

Bill McCallum is a professor at the University of Arizona. He has worked extensively with Common Core State Standards.

Check out Bill McCallum's Math Blog that he began in January 2011.


Here is Bill McCallum's University of Arizona webpage: http://math.arizona.edu/~wmc/

September 26, 2011

Updates from the DPI Math Consultants

Here are the PPTs and the Materials from our September 12 Training.

September 16, 2011

Remember Dan Meyer, the math teacher who shared with us the information about "patient problem solving?" You can access his Delicious links here!

September 13, 2011 - Math Process Planning Support

Learning Trajectory Posters will help you familiarize yourself with the Common Core Standards for Math and see the progression of skills from grade to grade.


September 12, 2011 - DPI Curriculum and Instruction Math Consultants (NWRESA)

NCDPI Resource Math Wiki -- All Materials will be posted by October 3, 2011.


Suggested Reading by Barbara Bissell, DPI:

Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally - John Van de Walle

Sites Shared:

It's Not Heavy, It's Your Grade! -- Kristy Cox, Surry County Schools

Common Core State Standards Initiative Website

ACRE Website

Access Crosswalks and Unpacking Documents here.

Have you completed Understanding the Standards yet?

Use your NC Registration ID to complete this module to gain a greater understanding of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Assessment One Pager: Quick Reference -- Next Generation of Summative Assessments


The Hunt Institute Video Series:

This series of short videos were developed to help all stakeholders better understand the breadth and depth of the Common Core State Standards as well as how these Standards "will improve teaching, make classrooms better, create shared expectations, and cultivate lifelong learning for all students." -- (James B. Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy, 2011).

Access information about the videos here:


SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium:


Capture Your Thoughts Fidelity Check Form

Dan Meyer Math Video and Blog

Blog: http://blog.mrmeyer.com/

NCDPI Math Resource Wiki

EDC Think Math Information Exchange:

This is an open-source, active, growing, free resource, serving K-8 education communities. This link takes you directly to the discussion of the Standards for Mathematical Practices in elementary school with easy to grasp explanations and examples. The full site also provides useful information and materials for the K-8 math teaching community.

The Illustrative Mathematics Project:

This project is collecting sample tasks and problems for the Common Core in mathematics. It also has a hyperlinked version of the standards:

Inside Mathematics:

A professional resource for educators that features classroom examples of innovative teaching methods, insights into student learning, and tools for mathematics instruction which are being aligned to the Common Core.


classroom examples
tools for mathematics instruction

CCSS High School Math at a Glance

Massachusetts Template for Identifying Critical Areas:

Taken from the Massachusetts Department of Public Instruction, this template can be used to help teachers dig into the standards to uncover critical areas present at each grade level.